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By Gee Chelsee Alexandra
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Unwanted teenage pregnancy

Unwanted teenage pregnancy

Sarah lives in a block of flats with her partner, everyday on her way out of the door she bumps into a young girl Sophie (aged 13)  who lives on the next floor up. Sophie has only recently moved in with her mother who is dependent on alcohol and drugs. 

Several conversations are exchanged over the coming months and Sophie confides in Sarah about her home life and the issues regarding her mother's addictions. 

One day Sarah returns early from work to find Sophie slumped on the floor by her front door sobing and covered in bruises on her face and arms.

Sophie tells Sarah that she is 10 weeks pregnant and asks if she will go with her to have an abortion as her mother assaulted her when she told her mother that she does not want to keep her unborn baby. 

Sophie's mother does not believe in abortions. However Sophie is only 13 and does not want to have this baby. She has no other family therefore she is reaching out to Sarah for support.

What would you do if you were Sarah ? 

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