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19 May 2016 1:56 AM 163 Respondents
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By Amanda Lees
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Does a woman have the right to bar her former fiancé from the delivery room while she is giving birth to their child?

A New Jersey court decision says she does.

'“It’s well established under federal and state law that there is a privacy right when a woman’s in labor.”

Rutgers professor and family law expert Sally Goldfarb says a Passaic County judge made the right call last November in his decision, which was published this week, when he sided with pregnant woman that her ex-fiancee had no legal right to be in the delivery room.

“What this man was seeking to do was really interfere with the woman’s ability to exercise her own choices about giving birth in privacy and that to me falls outside of the rights that a father is legitimately entitled to.”

In the decision, believed to be the first of its kind, the father was also told he didn’t have a right to know when the baby was born.
Jeff Golden of Fathers & Children’s Equality says, “It’s a sad day for fathers, and for father’s and men’s rights.”'

What do you think? Does a father have a right to witness the birth of his child or is the woman's right stronger?


It is proposed that women should have the right to exclude their babies' fathers from the delivery room
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